Residual load bearing capacities of forklifts

When installing sandwich panels or glass panels with vacuum lifting devices attached to forklifts, it should be noted that through the combination of vacuum lifting device and the attached load, the stability of the forklift used is not effected. The contractor is responsible for verifying the forklift’s stability.

This verification, as too the binding calculation of the residual load bearing capacity of the forklift, can usually only be made by the manufacturer of the forklift.

The following calculation diagram only serves as a rough calculation of the residual load bearing capacity of forklifts after attaching the vacuum lifting device.  It does not factor in, for example, the load bearing reductions for large lifting heights or braking or acceleration forces and can therefore only be used as a rough estimate of the operational fitness of a forklift with a vacuum lifting device attachment.

Please select which vacuum lifting device (forklift attachment) which you would like to use:

Note: Evidence of stability is provided for the forklift attachment devices GA-V and GA-VH in line with Appendix IV of the European Machine Directive.