Industrial construction

Construction crews are confronted with more and more stringent conditions when it comes to the installation of sandwich panels:

Installation of approx. 20 m long roof panels using the OKTOPUS® KT-B

  • Ever-increasing structural requirements mean that plastics-based core insulation on sandwich panels is becoming increasingly thicker.  Now an insulation thickness of 140 mm is no longer unusual.
  • Special fire-protection layers require more and more often the utilisation of inflammable core insulation, for example, mineral wool between face cover sheets.
  • The trend of having larger spans between supports and the demands of ever-shorter construction times are leading to the use of longer panels.

This inevitably results in panels of ever-increasing dead-weight which need to be raised, transported, exactly positioned and then fastened.  Today the installation of 400 kg heavy wall panels is no longer an exception to the rule.

Installation of vertical wall panels using the OKTOPUS®-KS-R

Wirth’s OKTOPUS® brand vacuum lifting equipment is the modern solution to these challenges.  The product range for crane attachments includes individual suction devices for the vertical and horizontal installation of wall panels and nearly 12 metre long lifting beams with two connected devices for installing roof panels up to 22 metres long.

Installation of horizontal wall panels using the OKTOPUS® KT-B

Fork lift attachments with just one vacuum function for the installation of vertical wall panels are available along with hydraulically supported vacuum lifting equipment which can install both vertical and horizontal wall panels, and even ceiling panels (for example in refrigeration rooms), economically, safely and ergonomically.

Installation of vertical wall panels using the

Installation of horizontal wall panels using the OKTOPUS® GI-B400

Installation of ceiling panels using the OKTOPUS® GI-B400

After positioning the panels using a vacuum lifting device mounted on the lifting equipment (crane, fork lift or telescope lift) the panels need to be fastened to the substructure.  Usually a work platform is used for access at heights.

Using an OKTOPUS® GA-VH vacuum lifting device means that the amount of lifting equipment and work platform needed is reduced by two-thirds:

Installation of horizontal wall panels using the OKTOPUS® GA-VH

Instead of needing a truck-mounted crane with vacuum lifting equipment and two work platforms, you only need the OKTOPUS® GA-VH along with a suitable telescope lift!

The 7.5 metre wide work platforms offer enough space for 2 fitters and their equipment.  The suctioned panels are finely positioned using four hydraulic functions integrated into the OKTOPUS® GA-VH:

- Swinging up and down
- Raising / lowering
- Right / left
- Forwards / back

If wall panels are to be installed vertically, the OKTOPUS® GA-VH can easily be transformed into the OKTOPUS® GA-V by disassembling the side platforms.

Installation of vertical wall panels can be done
safely, even in poor weather conditions, using the OKTOPUS® GA-V

The installation engineer in the OKTOPUS® GA-V
work basket precisely positions the attached panels using an hydraulic system.

It is a particular problem when the units that need to be installed are delivered by the manufacturer piled in an alternating A then B direction to make transporting more economical.  In this case every second unit needs to be turned 180° before it can be suctioned up by the vacuum lifting equipment and installed.
Thanks to its electric-hydraulic pivoting function, the OKTOPUS® IT-B, a forklift attachment, can easily overcome this problem.  The IT-B can thus also be used for installing horizontal wall or ceiling panels.

Turning the sandwich panels using the OKTOPUS® IT-B before installing with the OKTOPUS® KA-B

The OKTOPUS® GL-E is an entirely new generation of equipment which can be used as a crane and forklift attachment for installing vertical and horizontal wall panels thanks to its revolving suction bridge.

OKTOPUS® GL-E crane attachment

   OKTOPUS® GL-E forklift attachment

The hydraulically pivoting suction bridge can be manually rotated on a horizontal and the vertical axis, as well as on the second horizontal axis.  This means that even extremely heavy sandwich panels can be lifted from their transport position to their installation position.

Thanks to these unique attachments, all of the vacuum supported OKTOPUS® installation devices offer the following advantages over conventional ways of installation:

  • Less expensive installation of sandwich panels thanks to shorter installation times and streamlining of the construction sequences
  • The installation engineers are relieved from heavy physical lifting work
  • Safer installation
  • Saving on additional equipment
  • Damage to materials avoided during installation
  • Different suction cups can be attached for all conventional panel types, including many forms of profile sheeting

All of the Wirth OKTOPUS® installation systems are suitable for construction sites because they are battery powered and therefore completely self-sufficient.  Special designs that operate using mains power or an emergency power supply are developed and produced according to specific customer requirements. Depending on the application and device, the load bearing capacity of the OKTOPUS® systems is generally between 250 kg and 400 kg.

Inside the equipment a sophisticated safety system constantly monitors the condition of the vacuum circuit and the batteries.  Optical and acoustic warning signals give early indication of deviations from the normal conditions.  A large reserve vacuum system maintains load bearing capacities even in the event of a loss of power so that there is enough time to safely deposit the load once an alarm goes off.
Naturally all of the Wirth OKTOPUS® installation systems comply with accident prevention regulations and the Machinery Directive and bear the CE marking.

Devices (GA-V and GA-VH) for the vertical lifting of people are type-tested according to Appendix IV of the Machinery Directive and are approved for this purpose of use.