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Please answer the questions on the form as accurately as possible and send it to us direct. You can also print out the form and send this to us by fax.
We will call you and, using this information, we can advise you in the best possible manner. Enquiries from countries in which we have distribution partners will be forwarded accordingly.

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with a roof slope of degrees

If the panel marking is unknown, please send us a sectional drawing of the panel to be installed by fax to +49 (0)34602 708 8111.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the panels to be installed are:

Length: min. mm max. mm
Width: min. mm max. mm
Thickness:   mm
Weight: max kg

The following will be used during installation:

with a load bearing capacity of t
with a load bearing capacity of t

The telescope lift has a revolving superstructure:

The forklift / telescope has a side-shifting-unit:

There is
approx. and /or
approx. and /or

to install.

Electricity supply Please enter the voltage power supply at the site where the equipment will be used, in order to ensure the correct the charging device for our vacuum lifting equipment.

The vacuum lifting device will be needed by

/ is:

For hiring enquiries

The vacuum device will be need for days. (Please see our hiring conditions.)

Construction phases (fill in only for hired devices)

If the construction project is divided into various construction phases and you will not be needing the vacuum lifting device between times, please specify the phases below:

from to
from to
from to
from to

Please send me information about your entire product range of vacuum lifting equipment to use in