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Shop floor manipulators

Many vacuum lifters are equipped with a manual or a motor-driven rotating and/or tilting facility to move the suctioned load.

Vacuum lifters that are equipped with at least a third driven positioning facility (pneumatic/electrical/hydraulic) to perform rotating and/or translational (linear) movements of the device and/or the suctioned load are additionally defined as manipulators..

Safety features

  • Compliance with all criteria of DIN EN 13155
  • Devices for internal handling of glass according DIN EN 13035
  • CE mark according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Devices with dual-circuit vacuum systems for construction site use
  • Each vacuum circuit with 2-fold safety
  • Integrated vacuum gauges
  • Optical and/or acoustic warning devices signaling deviations from the nominal condition
  • Pressure controlled vacuum to reduce the consumption of energy and compressed air
  • Integrated pressure switch control to indicate malfunctions
  • Construction site devices with 24 V battery systems with considerably increased safety compared to 12 V systems
  • Battery devices with built-in battery level indicator
  • Vacuum reservoir to compensate vacuum loss
  • Energy-self-sufficient indicator to signal breakdown of energy supply


  • X-Y lightweight crane systems
  • Column- and wall-mounted slewing cranes
  • For even glass panes
  • Rotate 360°
  • Rotate +/- 90°
  • Rotate 90°/95°
  • Turn-over ≥ 180°
  • Turn-over 0 - 96°/98°
  • Tilt around horizontal axis
  • Incline 82°/84° - 90°
  • telescopic boom/crane arm/lifting column
  • Mains current
  • Compressed air

Vacuum Lifter

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